Where is the Villa?


10 minutes car ride from the airport and 15 m. from Oporto downtown. GPS 41.236271; -8.530787;


The villa is situated in Alfena, a town in the Municipality of Valongo, in Oporto District.

Alfena was a rural village until the last decades of the XX century. Meanwhile, the privilege geographic location transformed it in a growing hub for some industry, services and logistics companies. Today, Alfena is a small modern city in the immediate surroundings of Oporto.

The landmark of the town is still the river Leça that crosses right in the middle of the city, and in front of which the villa is set. 

Rua Nossa Senhora da Piedade, 200 - 4445-150, Alfena

between the school building and mini-preço supermarket, you cant miss the tall and large green iron gate and the granit walls. 


Regarding the buss connections, there are two buss lines from the Oporto Public Buss services that have stopes near the villa, lines numbers are 704 and 701. 
At the under mentioned link you can see the buss routes: http://www.stcp.pt/en/travel/lines/

The closest stops are: For Line 704: FONTE. For Line 701: IGREJA DE ALFENA.

If you do not use a car, comming from the airport, as it is so close, we advise to take a taxi, or we can coordinate a pick up. 


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Registered in the Portuguese Turism Authority - Licence nº15264/AL

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