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"Ssshhh!!! The villa is a little bit of heaven"

Ssshhh!!! The villa is a little bit of heaven that we would like to keep secret but would also like to share with all our friends. I dont think that there are enough superlatives to describe our stay but I'll give it a try.

I cannot speak highly enough of Helder and his parents - they are wonderful. We corresponded with Helder beforehand and this immediately gave us the feeling that the week ahead would be something special. From the moment Helder met us at the airport to our first drive through the gates to the Chateau we knew that we had found the perfect getaway.

We were greeted like long lost relatives and the owners warmth and friendly personalities helped set the scene on what has proven to be one of the most relaxing weeks of our lives.

We arrived to a table of sweet and savoury treats which was a welcoming sight to a family of weary travellers and this helped create the perfect atmosphere of sheer decadence and relaxation.

The owners showed us around the property and the looks on our three kids faces, aging from 7 to 17, so not easy to please all at the same time, told me that the owners errand of love in restoring and decorating the property had been more than worthwhile.

The photographs on this site and the description of the property is wholly accurate although the wow factor when you arrive needs to be experienced first hand.

The sense of history surrounding the property cannot be under-estimated and the family are only too willing to share with you just how their project has evolved.

The downstairs area is comfortable and easy to access. The snooker table forms a focal centre-piece and the glass dining table provides a comfortable and sumptuous eating area.

The kitchen itself is well stocked with crockery, cutlery and glasses. However, most of our dining took place at the large table on the patio by the swimming pool.

There were plenty of chairs and sun loungers which added to the relaxing atmosphere in that there was no need to "bagsy" the best areas.

It was the little touches outside like the rose bush, the old fashioned lamps and the stone table which helped add to the magic of the chateau and I'm sure you'll find your own little magic touches too.

The upstairs area is gorgeous and beautifully finished but I cannot end my piece without paying special thanks to Helder and his parents. They have created a little paradise which I have no hesitation in recommending and we are already looking forward to next year.

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